Onboard Training Day (Youth) – Alongside

Saturday 14th October 2017, 10:00 - 16:00

We are pleased to advise that after the great success of our previous training days (Alongside) that we have again been able to arrange a small number of such special days within a very busy sailing program. All training takes place on the preserved historic ship "Shieldhall"(1,792 g.r.t) 

Each day will start at 10.00 on the boat deck for the Captain’s welcome and safety and organisational briefs.  Thereafter within the day there will be six instructional sessions (three before and three after a lunch break of 45 minutes). Each session will be of approx 40 minutes duration with 5 minutes allowed for change-over and will provide theoretical or practical training for groups of up to eight. The level of instruction will be adjusted dependent upon the age and experience of the group.

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To book this event, please use our online payment system online. If you wish to ask any questions, please contact Richard Jarvis. He can be contacted by emailing r.jarvis296@btinernet.com.

Special Offer!

For attendance on the Heritage Adventure Training Day and ONE of the Alongside Training Days - £35 per young person. To book this special offer please contact tickets@ss-shieldhall.co.uk

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Onboard Training Day

Cat. no: 14102017-YOUTH