Seamanship Experience Day


No dates are currently planned at this time. However if you are interested in a course please contact us. Details can be found below.

About the course

After a successful “pilot” training day, a new course has been designed which we believe will of interest to all.

We present an opportunity of a lifetime to come onboard an absolutely unique heritage steamship and to see and learn something of the intricacies of seamanship that allow this remarkable vessel to be sailed on her many coastal voyages. During the day you will visit the bridge to see how the ship is navigated, learn how to read a chart and to lay off a course, find out how an "imaginary" ship board fire is dealt with, work with ropes and perhaps learn some really useful knots, visit the machinery spaces to see the mighty triple expansion steam engines and finally for those wishing to have a go, a thrilling drive on the River Itchen in our rescue RIB.

These experience days  will take place on the preserved historic steam ship “Shieldhall” (1,792 g.r.t)

Each day will start at 10.00 with the Captain’s welcome and safety and organisational briefs.  Thereafter within the day there will be six instructional sessions (three before and three after a lunch break of 45 minutes). Each session will be of 40 minutes duration with 5 minutes allowed for change-over and will provide theoretical or practical training for groups of up to eight. The level of instruction may be adjusted dependent upon the experience of the group. The six subjects to be covered on this “pilot” training day will be :

Deck Bridge Engine room
Launch and recovery of rescue RIB, running/care of o/b engines, possibly man o/board. Berthing hawsers, heaving a line, coiling ropes, flaking down, may-be a “monkey’s fist”. On Bridge - magnetic and gyro compass, points and 3 fig. notation, variation, deviation, etc. Saloon – chartwork, Mercators projtn., lat and longitude, compass rose, laying off a course, etc. Fire fighting – fire triangle, different extinguishers, B.A. gear, running out hoses, etc. Instructional tour of the ship’s machinery spaces incl., boiler and engine rooms.

The Price

The cost to take part in this exciting new training venture is just £30.00 for adults or £15 for accompanying under 18s.  Prices include VAT at 20%.

NB: We believe that this event is not suitable for anyone under 12.


Please contact our Youth Training Coordinator. He can be contacted by emailing


Change of clothes / hat appropriate for weather.  If raining, will be inside where possible but not guaranteed.