Steamship Experience Courses



No dates are currently planned at this time. However if you are interested in a course please contact us. Details can be found below.

About the course

There is great news for steam enthusiasts who do not own a steam engine but would like to get some "hands on" experience on a wide variety of steam engines. There are twenty engines ranging from one to eight hundred horsepower, single cylinder to twin Triple Expansion, all powered by two Scotch boilers.

Where is this unique collection? It is on S.S.Shieldhall Britain's largest working passenger/cargo steam ship, based at Southampton and crewed entirely by volunteers.

The "hands on" is provided by the four day "Traditional Steam Ship Experience" courses on S.S.Shieldhall living aboard with the crew. All meals and accommodation are provided in the fee, currently £400 + VAT. Places are limited and early booking is advised, prices have been held again but will have to rise next year!

You will learn:

  • Safety Practices aboard
  • The production and utilisation of steam with Shieldhall's boilers and engines
  • Preparation of all auxiliaries, and raising steam
  • Last day is spent at sea with opportunities to operate all engine and boilers under supervision, and a spell at the wheel on the Bridge

You also receive membership of our Society for a year.


Please contact our Youth Training Coordinator. He can be contacted by emailing