Dry Dock 2018 - Daily Updates

Falmouth Dry Dock - Day 2

Day 2 in Falmouth Dry Dock

The sun has been shining on our second day of Dry Dock here in Falmouth and the crew have had the best pasty they have ever tasted!

Today’s Task Started/Completed

  • Painted many parts of the bridge front.
  • Cleaned inside the double bottom (belly) of the ship.
  • Taken the stays off the forward mast to facilitate access for tomorrows work on the main mast.
  • The ship yard workers have been working hard maintaining our chain locker.
  • The ship yard workers have also started to remove the port propeller to inspect the shaft.
  • The ship yard workers have now primed the hull in preparation for applying the anti-foul.

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Posted by Lewis Folland, Wed 18 Apr 2018