Dry Dock 2018 - Daily Updates

Falmouth Dry Dock - Day 4

Image of the port propeller shaft

Image of the port propeller shaft

Guess what!? It’s been another sunny day here in Falmouth. Work is still ongoing but lots of progress has been made.

Today’s Task Started/Completed

  • Work has been continuing in the chain locker and is nearing completion.
  • The ship yard workers have installed the new navigation light on the forward mast and removed the old cabling.
  • The deck crew have done a lovely job at painting the aft accommodation. This was started yesterday but now has been completed.
  • The ship yard workers have now removed the port propeller shaft, this has now been inspected. Can you guess how many tons of force was needed to remove the shaft? 80 tons of force was needed!
  • The ship yard workers today have now started to anti-foul the ship.

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Posted by Lewis Folland, Fri 20 Apr 2018