Dry Dock 2018 - Daily Updates

Falmouth Dry Dock - Day 5

Shieldhall's new anti-foul

Shieldhall's new anti-foul

Work is continuing here in Falmouth and there has been a lot of activity aboard Shieldhall today. We are anticipating at this stage that Shieldhall will leave Falmouth on Wednesday 25th April to arrive back into Southampton on Thursday 26th April. However, at this stage nothing has been confirmed.

Today’s Task Started/Completed

  • Work has been continuing in the chain locker and is close to completion.
  • The ship yard workers have taken off all cable brackets on the foremast of the ship. These will all be replaced.
  • The deck crew have worked hard to paint the back of the bridge today. This area is underneath the awning of the ship on the boat deck and it looks fabulous!
  • The ship yard workers have successfully reinserted the propeller shaft.
  • The ship yard workers are continuing to anti-foul the ship. (See image)

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Posted by Lewis Folland, Sat 21 Apr 2018