Dry Dock 2018 - Daily Updates

Falmouth Dry Dock - Day 7

Shieldhall's new floodlight!

Shieldhall's new floodlight!

We can confirm that Shieldhall will be leaving Falmouth Dry Dock on Wednesday 25th April at approximately 17:00 to arrive back into Southampton on the afternoon/early evening of Thursday 26th April all being well!

Today’s Tasks

  • 1 more day in the chain locker and the work there will be completed.
  • The ship yard workers have now finished our foremast. All the cabling has been put into new housing. We also have a new foremask mask navigational light that has been installed today.
  • A new LED floodlight has been installed today on the foremast as well.
  • The ship yard workers have now finished antifouling the ship.
  • The anchors has been painted today too.

The ship is looking very smart so lookout for the ship on Wednesday afternoon if you are in Falmouth!

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Posted by Lewis Folland, Mon 23 Apr 2018