The trip to the Needles & See 2 Cruise Ships Depart - Sailing from Southampton

Sunday 22nd July 2018, 12:00 - 18:00

Cruise down Southampton Water to the Solent and then head west and travel out beyond Hurst Castle and the Needles Passage to the Needles themselves, one of the most photographed and iconic coastal locations in the UK. On your return pass the departing cruise ships Britannia and Arcadia -  always the chance to sound our whistle and play the ‘Shieldhall Organ’!

As part of your cruise, see the impressive engine room with its original steam engines at work and the bridge, with its traditional instruments and gleaming brasswork; admire the ship’s steam assisted steering gear (similar to that used on Titanic); talk to the Captain and our volunteer crew; pass close to the great ocean liners and container ships; walk the teak decks; relax in the Saloon with our wide range of refreshments including tea / coffee; real ale; a range of Titanic bottled beers; wine and hot and cold food, available on all trips.

Children will have fun with our interactive Shieldhall Log Book, collecting stickers from various stations on board!

Have you ever wanted to toot our Shieldhall whistle as we sail past the departing cruise ships? On this excursion, we now have the opportunity for you to do this! Just purchase a “Whistle” ticket below when you purchase your tickets for this trip. We are asking for a small donation of £5 to help Shieldhall continue steaming. Please note that this package is only available to a small number of passengers and this is done on a first come, first serve basis online.  “tooting of the whistle” will be at the discretion of the master on the day.




Needles Trip - Sailing from Southampton

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Needles Trip - Sailing from Southampton

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Child under 3


Needles Trip - Sailing from Southampton

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Needles Trip - Sailing from Southampton

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Toot the Whistle


Needles Trip - Sailing from Southampton

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