Ashes scattering at Sea

Ashes scatterings may take place on the Shieldhall public sailings on the dates below


  • Saturday 16 May 2020 - Titanic Cruise
  • Sunday 6 September 2020 - Solent Cruise to see 5 cruise ships depart and Merchant Navy Day Service

During both of these trips, Shieldhall will anchor for a short period, for a service and ashes scattering at sea to take place. The Reverend Dennis Mould will be on board and can conduct a short service and scattering if wished.

If you would like to scatter ashes at sea on either of these dates, please initially contact the Shieldhall Ticket Manager on 0844 357 2329 or email

There is no cost for ashes scattering at sea, other than the ticket price for the sailings (minimum of x 2 persons).

If you would like to talk to the Reverend Dennis Mould, he can be contacted on 01305 813005.