Sailing Crew Volunteer

Sailing crew are generally drawn from our regular deck and engine room maintenance volunteers. There are a variety of roles, including helmsman, deckhand, engine room team, pursers and caterers.

We even have The Shieldhall Shop on board requiring helpers during the season.

Sailing Crew Volunteer Job Description

Name of Role: Sailing Crew Volunteer

Description of Role:  Shieldhall is a historic steamship maintained entirely by volunteer effort. During the winter months the ship is laid up at her berth in Southampton where maintenance work is undertaken to prepare the ship for her sailing season. Sailing crew members are drawn primarily from those who have maintained the ship throughout the winter but may be supplemented by additional crew, provided they have attended appropriate training and/or hold certificates of competence relevant to the role they are undertaking.

Reporting to:  Department Head (Master, Chief Engineer, Bosun, Chief Purser, Catering Manager, Shop Manager)    

Work Environment:  You must expect to work in the busy but disciplined environment of a passenger carrying coastal vessel built more than 50 years ago. The safety and comfort of passengers is paramount to our operation. Most sailings are at the weekend although some weekday sailings and time away from the home port of Southampton do feature in the sailing programme.

Physical Demands:  Work place access will involve some climbing of gangway and companionways, work on an open deck or within engine rooms, galley or shop. Awareness of risk and the ability to work with only minimal supervision is essential.

Sample Tasks:
To work with mooring ropes and deck machinery.
To stand a watch as lookout or helmsman under direction as part of the deck crew.

To work in the engine room and boiler room as engineer or fireman.
To assist the Chief Purser with passenger management, offering guidance and support that will enable our passengers to benefit fully from the “Shieldhall Experience”.
To take a lead role in passenger safety with a full awareness of emergency procedures.

To assist in the galley, saloon or shop on sailing days or other times when the ship is open to the public.
To keep up to date with any relevant training.
To keep the Department Head informed of any issues that arise, especially Health and Safety issues.
Other tasks as agreed with the Designated Team Leader

Health and Safety: Your own safety and that of those around you is paramount. Safety equipment is provided according to the task in hand (hard hats, goggles, hearing protection etc.). However, you are responsible for providing your own working gear (boiler suits, protective footwear, gloves etc).

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